Quality Policy

Crowe Greece’s management sets and documents its policy and objectives, as well as its commitment in terms of Quality, as follows:

The firm's policy is the provision of services by Certified Public Accountants, which fully meet the needs of its customers and comply with the requirements of the legislation (commercial, tax and special laws), and the rules of accounting and auditing.

The above Policy is documented with the operation and continuous improvement of an integrated and effective Quality System which is always in compliance with the ISO-9001/2015 standard.

The Company possesses and provides all the necessary financial resources for the continuous updating and training of its staff, while at the same time it provides the necessary modern equipment, so that its capabilities are in line with the highest acceptable quality requirements of its customers.

The Quality Management Representative is authorized to develop, document and implement all the necessary measures for the installation and continuous improvement of the company's Quality System. This Representative is also authorized to identify and investigate quality problems in all areas and activities of the firm as well as to propose and coordinate the necessary actions for their solution. The Representative also monitors the achievement of quality objectives on an annual basis through the Quality System Review process.

In addition, the firm's policy is to continuously improve the quality of the services it provides, taking every measure to encourage its employees to actively and creatively participate in the goal of continuous quality improvement.

The company demands from all its employees to faithfully apply what is provided in the relevant Quality Procedures, and undertakes to support administratively and financially the implementation, operation and continuous improvement of the Quality System to ensure that:

  • its services meet the requirements and needs of its customers and are in accordance with the applicable law and accounting and auditing standards.
  • the cost of the final products for the customer remains at the lowest possible level
  • customer confidence in the firm is constantly increasing and its market share is expanding, while new activities are being developed
  • the company is constantly complying with the requirements of the Quality System that it has adopted
  • Customer complaints that may occur as well as problems / non-compliance with the specified requirements of the Quality System are recorded and resolved with specified procedures that include the general elimination of the causes of occurrence.