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ESG and Corporate Governance are high priority issues for enterprises and critical factors for their success and growth.
Corporate Governance advisory services support enterprises to integrate sustainability into their operation and priorities, achieve and accelerate their transformation towards achieving sustainable development objectives, and ultimately obtain long-term economic benefits. Crowe Greece Advisory, recognising the needs of modern enterprises and understanding that the improvement of the governance is crucial for achieving their objectives, created a series of specialised corporate governance advisory services aimed at developing and implementing an integrated and sustainable approach to the management of the environmental, social and administrative challenges they face. With our specialised services, we develop the appropriate corporate governance model for each individual company, adding value to its shareholders.

In cooperation with its established partners, Crowe Greece Advisory provides a complete package of advisory services in corporate governance and assurance, aiming on the one hand to support and assist the process of compliance of the management of Sociétés Anonymes subject to the new framework, and on the other hand to support strategic decision making, regarding the selection of the appropriate corporate governance model for the size and complexity of the entity, at all levels.

Training of the members of the board of directors and key management


Assessment of corporate governance system


Assessment of the members of the Board of Directors


Advisory support of Audit Committees

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