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"The modern accounting department for your business"

With our specialized and high quality accounting services, the experienced and well-qualified personnel, Crowe Greece modernizes the accounting departments, upgrades their role and makes them a safe compass in the pursuit of their objectives.

The current business requirements tend to go beyond the traditional operation of the accounting department.

The modern accounting department is a key tool of management, providing information through financial reports which help administrative decision-making and valid strategy planning.
For us, the key objective is the secure, smooth functioning of your business and the maximization of its value. Our fundamental principle is professionalism, respect and safeguarding the confidentiality of our clients’ data.
Crowe Greece offers your business a set of specialized accounting services that, in addition to the usual needs (bookkeeping, etc.), focus on critical areas that cover:

Accounting planning, business organization and support work. Submission of tax returns

Preparation of financial statements under GAS and IAS

Implementation of and keeping analytical accounting – cost accounting

Payroll management & administrational support of the human resources department

Our Services


Organization and supervision of accounting departments.

Computerized bookkeeping of class C books and records at our Registered office or at our clients’ offices.

Development, implementation of and keeping analytical accounts.

Organization of the businesses for the transition to myDATA electronic platform.

Computerized payroll services, as well as consulting services on labour issues.

Preparation and submission of statements to the State and the insurance organizations.

Closure of financial year – preparation of financial statements.

Adoption of International Financial Reporting Standards – Greek Accounting Standards

myDATA Services

Analysis of the accounting system of the Company, on the transactions they update on myDATA

Understanding and addressing the specific cases of each company, as regards their addressing in relation to the processes of updating myDATA Electronic Platform

Proper mapping of all the details of the transactions with the detailed registers of Independent Authority for Public Revenue (AADE), in order to produce the correct result.

Identification, analysis and dealing with discrepancies

Correlation of the details of the transactions with the preparation of the tax returns

Obtaining the desired result within the specific time frame for the update of the application

Implementation monitoring

Consultancy support at every stage of the implementation of the application

Cost accounting

Choice of cost accounting method proportionate to the activity, the size and the degree of organization of the Business.

Reflection of the specifications and preparation of the production recipes of the products – services and allocation of the costs and the manufacturing overheads per product – service category.

Monitoring of the cost structure flow per product – service unit.

Organization of proper warehouse monitoring in order to have direct and accurate information on the level of stocks in raw materials and finished product.

Organization of inventories.

Control of discrepancies.

Recording of results and calculation of relevant indicators.

Administrative Reports & Budgets

Recording the key assumptions adopted by the Management, reflection of the existing budget model.

Underscoring areas requiring attention, suggestions for improvement of the financial management.

Recording trends and seasonality.

Understanding the needs of the Management and the indicators of interest.

Development of a strategy to timely seize opportunities and avoid problems.

Producing financial reports and indicators

Monitoring and comparing ex-post and budgetary figures

Reporting results and indicators – proposals for improvement of areas of concern

Active involvement and support

Operating Cycle

Reflection of the existing liquidity situation, recording of the credit days to the core clients and main suppliers of the Business

Calculation of the actual working capital.

Support in business decision-making on the amount of working capital, the liquidity and the development of new credit policy

Organization of warehouse monitoring – stock management

Calculation and monitoring of adjusted KPIs

Reports on results and discrepancies from predefined targets and relevant indicators

Ongoing support and advisory role as regards seizing new opportunities

Specialized services

Accounting application of specific legal provisions.

Application of legal provisions on wage issues.

Specific accounting issues of businesses – Audit of expenditure on the basis of the accounting and tax provisions

Preparation of financial due diligence reports

Calculation and monitoring of adjusted KPIs

Preparation of specific reports pursuant to the law (company liquidations – bankruptcies – mergers – conversions)

Ongoing support and advisory role as regards the establishment of new companies

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