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Crowe Greece and Crowe Greece Consulting SA are the two corporate entities of the Crowe Greece Group, which provide auditing and consulting services to an expanded network of organizations and companies operating in the public and private sector in Greece and abroad.
Developing national strategies as well as international collaborations, Crowe Greece as a leading auditing company in Greece, is among the largest national companies of Chartered Accountants in Europe and one of the largest business consulting companies in the country.
Crowe Greece is staffed with more than 314 Certified Public Accountants, and employs the largest number of auditors of other levels who are registered in the registers of the Body of Certified Public Accountants (SOEL). In fact, it employs the most experienced auditors, who have audited the most and largest companies in the private and public sector, with more than 30 years of service.
Certified Public Accountants
Crowe Greece ensures the smooth training and development of its members, invests in quality and employment, and holds 20% of the auditors of all levels of the SOEL register and 35% of the certified public accountants of the country.

Auditors of all levels


Certified public accountants of the country

With its experienced executives, it participates in all the Administrative and Scientific bodies of SOEL and the Training Institute of the Body of Certified Public Accountants (IESOEL), while it also participates in the Board of the Federation of Mediterranean Certified Public Accountants / Fédération des Experts Comptables Méditerranéens - FCM, and to the Board of the Hellenic Institute against Fraud.
The Group has the largest network in Greece, utilizing the scientific potential of local communities. Crowe Greece is a member of the network of Crowe Horwath International, which in April 2018 was renamed Crowe Global.


Also, consistent is the cooperation of our members with almost all the highest educational economic institutions of the country, with the Training Institute of the Body of Certified Public Accountants (IESOEL), whose majority of speakers come from Crowe Greece and the Chamber of Commerce of Greece, participating and supporting its activities (education, training, scientific events, participation of our members in committees, etc.). All the large multinational auditing companies have cooperated with us in joint audits of the largest financial groups in the country.
Auditing Companies
Among the approximately 25 Greek and multinational auditing companies, which operate within the institutional framework of the PD. 226/92 "On the establishment, operation and organization of the Body of Certified Public Accountants", Crowe Greece controls or provides consulting services to more than 4,000 companies and holds the largest percentage of the total turnover of the sector in the statutory financial audit of companies.
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