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Crowe Greece is one of the leading national companies of chartered accountants in Europe and holds one of the first positions in the field of auditing services in Greece.

At Crowe Greece, we provide auditing services, as well as tax advisory services, in order to create a complete tax support plan that shields the companies against the current demanding business environment.

With our expertise, knowledge and long experience in the domestic market and the Greek economy, we support our clients in becoming financially robust, achieving their viability and growth.

Audit of Financial Statements

Obligatory audits of financial statements of companies of public interest

Obligatory or optional audits of financial statements of private capital companies

Obligatory or optional audits of financial statements of public sector’s entities

Obligatory or optional audits of financial statements of non-profit entities

Obligatory or optional reviews of historical financial information

Tax Certificate

Conduct of audits for the issuance of a Tax Certificate by specialized work groups, and with the continuous support of the multi-member scientific team of Crowe Greece for dealing with tax issues.

Other Assurance Projects

Special projects for confirmation of share capital increases and valuation of contributions in kind, according to the Law 4548/2018

Special projects and expert reports in the context of corporate transformations in accordance with the Law 4601/2019

Audits of indicative financial information (pro forma) of financial statements and financial audits in the context of public offers and preparation of a prospectus

Audits on supervisory reports of bank institutions and insurance companies

Regulatory compliance audits

Overview and evaluation of internal control and corporate governance systems

Specialized projects of pre-agreed procedures on historical financial information or processes

Due diligence projects in the context of companies’ sale purchase transactions

Financial audits

Special projects of financial fraud investigation

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