Human Resources Advisory Services
"Multiplying People Value"

At a time when most companies around the world are seeking to apply new operational models at work and to promote up-skilling, Crowe Greece Human Resources Advisory Services design strategic paths to help them attract, develop and retain their people.

Multiplying the Value of your Human Capital
Our mission is to consistently support our customers in achieving their goals and priorities by ensuring that people and human resources systems align with the current business strategy and market trends.

Focused on designing flexible solutions, we collaborate with Human Resources Departments so that we co-create innovative approaches to achieve the most efficient utilization of human capital as a central pillar for business efficiency.

Our Consulting Services focus on the following areas:

  • Cognitive Enrichment and Education
  • Administrative Practices and Business Culture
  • Human Resources Policies and Systems
Co-creating a pathway to the next “peak”
Crowe Greece adds value to its clients by creating an environment based on trust, consensus and constructive dialogue. Our advisors’ long experience in the development of human resources consulting services ensures:

Tailor made, specialized solutions through effective synergies with senior executives

Design and implementation of complex consulting projects in a wide range of business sectors

Utilization of the appropriate diagnostic tools and methodologies

Human Resources Advisory Services

Business Effectiveness

We support structural and systemic interventions by:

Enabling effective adaptation to change

Improving communication between different hierarchical levels, executives and departments

Clarifying roles, tasks, priorities and responsibilities

Updating and developing human resources policies and procedures

Promoting the Company’s Brand as an attractive work destination

We build a trusting environment by:

Investigating current attitudes and perceptions

Creating practical frameworks which help management teams tackle priorities and challenges

Facilitating teams during the exploration of new approaches, so that they multiply their business footprint

Team Effectiveness & Commitment

Leadership Development & Experiential Learning

We utilize the knowledge of the past so that we explore future challenges by:

Strengthening leadership skills

Creating a flexible culture for the adoption of new practices and methods

Creating experiential learning flows

Upgrading competence and personal development frameworks

Offering Executive Coaching

Having a deep labor market knowledge, we designate the right talented people for the staffing of critical positions

Staffing support for high-level positions

Assessment and selection of candidates based on a well-structured methodological approach

Stand by talented people throughout the selection "journey"

Executive selection

Building a meaningful partnership

Creating an Information Bank

  • Diagnostic Interviews
  • Pilot Meetings
  • Focus Groups

Designing Custom-Made Interventions

  • Analysis - Project design
  • Prioritization of actions and interventions

Delivering the Project


  • Implementation of programs & projects
  • Compilation of studies

Reporting Back to You

  • Report presentation
  • Step-forward planning

Follow-Up and Supporting

  • Implementation advisory
  • Coaching

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