Our History
Certified Public Accountants
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of the whole industry of the country
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of auditors of all levels in the registry of the Body of Certified Public Accountants

The founding of SOL S.A

SOL SA was established on April 29, 1993 and retained as its members the vast majority of the members of the Board of Chartered Accountants (SOL). This allowed the continuation and the expansion of the activities of the Board of Chartered Accountants (SOL) which since 1955 was the sole, exclusive and officially recognized entity of the accounting profession.

Today, our 314 Certified Public Accountants constitute over 36% of the total sector of the country. The company also employs 25% of the auditors of all levels of the registery of the Body of Certified Public Accountants.

April 29, 1993

The establishment of SOL Consulting S.A

In 2002, SOL SA expands its services by establishing SOL Consulting SA. Today, it provides a wide range of consulting services like consulting, financial, tax, HTL, technology, risk, human resources and accounting services, maintaining its own independent headquarters in Kolonaki.

Crowe Horwath International

In 2006 the Group became a member of the network of Crowe Horwath International, one of the top 10 international networks of independent accounting and consulting companies.

Crowe Greece

In 2018 the Group is renamed to Crowe Greece.

29 years of operation

Crowe Greece has the largest network of offices and partners in Greece, with a presence in seven cities in the country, while employing 650 experienced executives in the full range of its services. With more than 29 years of operation, Crowe Greece is the largest national company of Certified Public Accountants and Business Consultants in Greece, developing its business activity, both inside the country and abroad, in more than 4,000 companies in the private and the wider public sector.
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