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At Crowe Greece we invest in technology and new data processing solutions by building upon the experience of our team members and the Crowe international network. Our aim is to design efficient tax structures allowing us to better understand the needs of our clients and encourage their business development.

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The complex domestic and international tax developments can significantly affect the stability of the business environment.

Market volatility, tax regulation complexity and global investing interests form a new tax policy.

At Crowe Greece we invest in technology and new data processing solutions by building upon the experience of our team members and the Crowe international network. Our aim is to design efficient tax structures allowing us to better understand the needs of our clients and encourage their business development.

Corporate Income Tax

Tax structuring is a key element of corporate business strategy aiming to achieve full tax compliance and reduce risks. Our client specific services include:

Corporate tax issues

Effective and efficient tax strategies

Tax Diagnostic Reviews

Effective and efficient structuring for investments

Support and guidance during tax audits

Evaluation of the final effective tax rate

Advice and support in understanding and implementing government regulations and in tax audits

Indirect Taxes

Indirect taxes (sales taxes, customs duties, VAT, etc.) are constantly changing as a result of fiscal policy and EU resolutions. Managing indirect taxes becomes more complicated as their relative effect is not easily discernible, though it directly influences a company’s liquidity. Our department provides guidance and tools for their proper management such as:

Identifying potential risks and opportunities through VAT diagnostic reviews

Information on relevant legislation as well as on developments in EU policy

Assistance in strategic planning with respect to indirect taxes so as to manage their impact on the company’s financial results

Risk portfolio and support during tax audits or other tax proceedings

Advising on strategy and planning to reduce risks and costs related with indirect taxes

Advising on internal procedures and indirect tax-related risk management

Assistance during consultation with the tax authorities and preparation of individual enquiries required by the Ministry of Finance

Tax Compliance

Constant changes in tax legislation and regulations make well-informed tax compliance extremely difficult. Our department provides effective structuring and the best solutions regarding client’s tax compliance obligations, with a wide spectrum of services including, among others:

Regular audits and management reports

Tax coordination of overseas activities

Corporate income tax compliance

Indirect tax compliance

Tax consulting and support

Continuous improvement of procedures, by utilizing our continuous investment in technology and data collection processing

Support during tax disputes with the tax authorities

Instant access to current and reliable information

International Tax Structuring

The rationalization of the global tax rate applicable to businesses operating on an international scale is crucial to their success. Companies should approach their tax planning using criteria that go beyond the domestic tax laws of individual countries.
From establishing subsidiaries and branches to structuring for the repatriation of profits, our tax experts will help you optimize an impending tax charge and keep you informed on tax developments that impact your business. Our services for international tax structuring include:

Effective and tax-efficient strategies for domestic and international investments, both before and following the structured transaction

Updates concerning international tax developments with regard to DTTs and the BEPS initiative which may impact our client’s business

Tax structuring for domestic and international transactions

Management of tax claims and liabilities

Advice on tax matters such as tax harmonization across the EU

Mergers and Acquisitions

Over the past twenty years, mergers and acquisitions have become the most common methods of company growth. Our department provides:

Tax evaluation and consulting on how to manage tax risks associated with acquisitions and mergers

Advice on the proper structuring of transactions in order to improve net cash flows

Tax assessment of the company before the acquisition or sale (due diligence)

Effective tax structuring of transactions

Support for improved tax solutions following the agreement

Real Estate Compliance

In today’s unstable real estate market the sustainable performance of real estate investment is of paramount importance to our clients in combination with tax structuring. Our consultants provide the following services:

Calculation of property taxes

Preparation of real estate tax returns

Calculation of the fair market value for valuation purposes

Calculation of donation, inheritance and parental benefit tax

Preparation and submission of related declarations to the National Cadaster

Support during tax audits

Consulting services in property conveyancing

Consulting services in real estate planning

Transfer Pricing Documentation

In today’s global economic environment, which is in constant flux, companies –especially multinationals– trade with affiliated companies on a daily basis. Transfer pricing, i.e. the setting of prices between legal entities within the same organization, has become a global concern. Relevant legislation is becoming more detailed and demanding, and there is ever greater need for proper documentation in order to avoid penalties from the regulatory authorities. Our department, which comprises of tax consultants with numerous years of experience constantly up to date with international transfer pricing developments, provides, inter alia:

Transfer pricing planning and compliance advice

Advice services and support in the preparation of transfer pricing documentation in accordance with Greek or foreign legislation

Support in transfer pricing audits

Benchmarking reports

Global Mobility Services

The cross-border mobility of employees presents particular challenges for both employees and employers. Given the cross-border element, the parties involved are exposed to both the tax system of the host country and that one of the country of their residence. Therefore, proper understanding of the national tax law, the bilateral Double Taxation Avoidance Agreements and EU-Directives as well, is essential for the proper structuring of the employee's mobility, the rationalization of the tax obligations and the proper observance of compliance rules. Crowe Greece has all the necessary expertise and experience for the proper management and planning of the cross-border tax liabilities, in order to support the companies and the employees in their movement, either from abroad to Greece, or from Greece to another country. The application of best practices, concerns:

Tax Advisory Services for highlighting potential tax risks and understanding of tax liabilities

Briefing and support of foreign employees regarding their tax treatment

Tax Compliance Services

Policymaking concerning mobility of employees

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