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At Crowe Greece, we effectively support our clients and lead their businesses to reach their maximum improvement and development.

As new challenges keep evolving and will continue to affect businesses in the future, both readiness for strategy development and effective decision making are a priority.
The continuous changes that take place at an economic, technological and institutional level across the world, urge businesses today to be well prepared and quickly react to these new challenges that affect their internal operations and their efficiency.
Our Services

Strategic planning

We support businesses and their management in developing their strategy by connecting the operations with the strategic targets, using critical performance indicators (KPIs).

Our related services include the following:

Understanding the current state of the business

Internal and external environment analysis (evaluation of the existing strategy)

Examination and specification of the business strategy using the Balanced Scorecard tool

Definition of the vision

Determination of the values

Definition of the main strategic axes

Definition of the strategic objectives

Definition of the corresponding Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Planning of actions

Development of a Performance Measurement System

We identify the appropriate effectiveness and efficiency metrics, with an emphasis on the most important business functions, so that the maximum contribution to business profitability and future growth prospects is achieved.

Our related services include the following:

Identifying and monitoring the important issues of the financial and the operational performance, with the aim of evaluating them and providing specific suggestions for improvement

Creation of effective efficiency measurement tools with the aim of improving business efficiency

Search for best practices – Benchmarking

Linking organizational goals with employee evaluation to ensure continuous improvement

Design of an information management and knowledge management system for the processing. Presentation of results

Process Redesign, Reorganization, Change Management

Process re-engineering aims at a substantial and radical revision of how an organization's work should be carried out in order to achieve the highest possible performance. It includes detailed modeling and description of processes and activities, so that all existing malfunctions are identified and effective ways of dealing with them are proposed.

Our related services include the following:

Understanding the current state of the business

Evaluation of the processes and the internal environment

Identifying weak points, overlaps, delays

Process redesign and internal organization improvement proposals

Change management

Development and investment program support services

Preparation of a dossier for inclusion in development and investment programs (Development Law, NSRF 2021-2027, etc.)

Crowe Greece can act as a consultant to the company at all stages of the preparation and submission of the application file, up to the issuance of its evaluation results, and provides the following services:

Development of the necessary technical-economic study

Support for the collection of the supporting documents and the techno-economic data that accompany the investment plan application

Completion of the necessary information, in collaboration with the company, where required, in the pre-defined forms of the application file

Compilation of the complete file for the inclusion of the company's investment plan

Submission of the dossier for inclusion, including electronic submission to the respective information system

Monitoring and support of the implementation of the project or investment project

Briefing of your Company executives on the implementation processes of the investment project (accounting, registration and archiving of suppliers' invoices etc.)

Monitoring project implementation, based on planning, and recording of any discrepancies

Preparation of the reports, requests for amendments, intermediate control requests etc. required

Contacting the competent executives of the Program management body

Electronic submission of the completion request and submission of the physical dossier to the competent department

Presence of Crowe Greece executives at on-site Inspections

Supervision of compliance with the contractual terms of the investment (physical & financial scope, achievement of objectives, licensing etc.)

Composition of the complete file for the submission of the completion request.

Planning - Management - Evaluation of Programs – Projects

These services concern mainly major public sector programs and projects. We contribute to the detailed planning of each program - project, specifying the actions with a detailed implementation schedule, an estimation of the necessary resources and a definition of the procedures and the management system. In the implementation phase, we also undertake the technical support, covering potential gaps in specific areas. Our services include:

Planning, organization and monitoring of projects and programs

Management and monitoring of physical and financial nature

Management of working groups

Change management

Support in administrative closure

Evaluation of programs

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