Andreas Gouzouasis


Andreas Gouzouasis has been practicing the auditing profession since 1980 and, in particular, as a member of the Body of Certified Public Accountants (SOL) from 1980 to 1992 and of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Greece (SOEL) from 1993 until today.

From 1993 until today, he has been working as a Certified Public Accountant in the Audit Firm Crowe Greece, in which he is also an equal Shareholder.

During his forty-year term, he has conducted a number of statutory and optional audits of companies in the private and public sector, from all sectors of the Greek economy.

Also, he has carried out special engagements, such as special audits for the listing of companies on the Athens Stock Exchange (ATHEX), business transformations as well as in matters of tax and company law.

He has studied at the Athens University of Economics and Business and is a member of the Economic Chamber of Greece (ECG).

He is married and the father of two children.
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