Training of the members of the board of directors and key management

The training of the members of the Board of Directors and key management as well as those involved in risk management, internal audit, regulatory compliance and information systems of the Sociétés Anonymes listed on the Athens Stock Exchange, is not applied as a mandatory policy, which is imposed by the provisions of l. 4706/2020.

On the contrary, the training of the members of the Boards of Directors and other managers, including independent executives, constitutes a process of continuous improvement of the quality of the key management of the listed Sociétés Anonymes.

In other words, it is an investment that needs to be carefully planned, taking into account the professional profile of all those to whom it is addressed and their needs, always in relation to the overall strategy of the organisation, the changes in the business and regulatory environment, always seeking to achieve added value in key management.

Crowe Greece approaches the training of the members of the Board of Directors and other key management with a specially designed three-phase project. Each engagement is perfectly adapted to the requirements and particularities of each listed Société Anonymes, focusing in detail on the profile and needs of the trainees.

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